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Over time, I made lots of friends through my hobby of car racing. Following the race, we usually spend some time at a local bar and hang out, drink and have fun. Somebody would mention going for a coffee and in no time more than 20 people would gather and it would turn into the whole-night drinking and laughing. I really love this little tradition we have. The night I met Dors, her family and she had, for the very first time, joined our party at the bar. Dors was a big woman. She was married to Tom. They had two kids, 2 boys of 4 and 7. Dors, that beautiful plump woman was sitting directly across me at our table. Even although she was big, she had some kind of magnetizing splendor with her beautiful face, soothing voice and huge boobs.


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Brandi and I have known each other from high school. She was the most popular girl in our school and she was always dating older guys. I’ve always had a crush on her but she was out of my league so I never tried anything. We were just friends. She was this tall beautiful blonde with huge tits and I was just one of the numerous teenage boys who used to jerk off fantasizing about her. Well, that was 15 years ago. Things have changed since then. I became a successful broker and she came back to our home town after college to teach second grade. I’ve always dreamed about fucking a school teacher. Read more...


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